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Monday, February 12, 2024

Jaya Grocer join forces with Paywatch to enhance employees’ financial wellness with EWA 

Jaya Grocer join forces with Paywatch to enhance employees’ financial wellness with EWA 

KUALA LUMPUR, 6 FEBRUARY 2023 - Jaya Grocer, a prominent retail chain, has successfully partnered with Paywatch, a leading provider of financial wellness solutions to improve the overall well-being of Jaya Grocer's workforce. Jaya Grocer provides high-quality products and exceptional customer service. The company is committed to the well-being of its employees and continuously strives to enhance their overall welfare. This strategic collaboration aims to enhance employee payroll flexibility and reduce financial stress through the employee financial aid, Earned Wage Access solution, integrated into Jaya Grocer's comprehensive wellness program.  

The partnership was officially announced through a series of roadshows held at 53 Jaya Grocer outlets, where employees were introduced to the benefits of the Earned Wage Access solution and the comprehensive wellness program. The roadshows provided an opportunity to showcase the partnership's commitment to supporting employee well-being. 

Jaya Grocer's comprehensive wellness program addresses multiple aspects of employee welfare, including financial, physical, and mental health. As part of this program, Paywatch's Earned Wage Access solution enables Jaya Grocer employees to access a portion of their earned wages before their designated payday. By offering this feature, the partnership aims to provide employees with greater financial flexibility, alleviate the need for expensive loans or credit card debt, and reduce financial stress. This holistic approach ensures that employee well-being is prioritized and comprehensively supported. 

The benefits for Jaya Grocer through Paywatch's Earned Wage Access solution are significant. By providing a safety net for the employees, Paywatch helps enhances productivity as employees can better manage their financial obligations and remain engaged in their work. Through productive and happy employees, Jaya Grocer can reduce their staff turnover rate up to 78%. With Paywatch integrated into Jaya Grocer’s wellness program, they can attract more talents as 76% of retail workers found Earned Wage Access important. 

Paywatch stands out as the leading EWA service provider, specifically tailored to meet the needs of prominent enterprises like Jaya Grocer. With a meticulous design, Paywatch guarantees the utmost level of security and compliance, offering bank-standard security measures for both employers and employees alike. As the leading EWA service provider in Asia, Paywatch boasts the lowest minimal fee of RM1, coupled with a distinct advantage of zero interest charges. Moreover, Paywatch prioritizes user satisfaction by ensuring a seamless experience, as withdrawals are processed and deployed instantly within a remarkable 60 seconds. 

This successful partnership between Paywatch and Jaya Grocer sets a new standard for employee care, placing a strong emphasis on their well-being and providing them with the tools to thrive both professionally and personally. By combining financial wellness solutions with comprehensive wellness support, the partnership demonstrates a shared commitment to enhance employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity. 




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