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Food and Beverage (F&B)

Struggling to retain employees in your Food and Beverage (F&B) business?

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F&B Industry Hurdles

Stressful Work Environment

F&B businesses are known as stressful workplace where the customer is ‘always right’. At the same time, 84% of employees spend time thinking about or dealing with finances at work. (1)

Labour Shortage

The F&B industry has the highest turnover rate of any industry, reaching close to 150%. (2)

High Recruitment Cost

The average cost of turnover per employee in the F&B industry is estimated to be around US$5,864. (3,4)

Overcome F&B Industry challenges with Earned Wage Access


Workers would be willing to work longer for an employer offering Earned Wage Access.(1)


Workers would be willing to work longer for an employer offering Earned Wage Access.(1)


Catered solutions for every industry

Unlock the Power of EWA to boost your F&B business

Paywatch offers flexible payroll with guardrails in place for employees. Here’s how we can help you address the pain points of F&B industry.


Improve employee retention


Reduce turnover rates of up to 78%


Save annual rehiring fees

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Happy employees, better customer service

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Implement Earned Wage Access to overcome challenges

Paywatch provides customized approach and dedicated support to launch and onboard your employees seamlessly. Work with us to simplify your payroll process and reduce administrative tasks.


Easy implementation


0% interest charge.


No impact on cash flow or payroll process

Let us handle your early pay requests and boost your business.

Hear it for yourself

"Paywatch helps my employees just be a little bit more happy, mindful, and present at work, which obviously increases productivity."

Kai Zen Au

Managing Director of

Kenny Hills Hospitality Group


The future of HR is flexible.
Let us help you now.

Ready to better recruitment, engagement and retention with zero disruption to your existing payroll? Let’s work together

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