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Empower Your Employees with Flexible Payroll

Flexibility is key in 2023,
Paywatch is here to help.

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Enhance Employees Financial Wellbeing

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Attract & Retain Talent Efficiently

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Increase Business Productivity

Financial benefit is the most important employee benefit.
Set it up with
Paywatch today.


Tell us how you would like us to configure Paywatch for your payroll


We set out the best strategy to suit your business and employees


Use the admin employer portal and define your own rules on wage access

Thinking to provide EWA as an employee benefit in your organization?

Fastest, cheapest
& the most credible


Interest Charge

Only at nominal transaction fee


Hidden Fee

Transparent Pricing


Hit Charges

Pay your employees once a month as usual


Day Withdrawal

Money in your employee’s account the very same day

Interested but not sure if it fits your company?

Paywatch provides customized approach and dedicated support to every business. Whatever your industry or size, we create zero disruption to your system and cashflow.

F&B‎‎  •  Hospitality  •  Airline  •  Retail  •  Call Center  •  Factory  •  Construction • and more...


The future of HR is flexible.
Let us help you now.

Ready to better recruitment, engagement and retention with zero disruption to your existing payroll? Let’s work together

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